Replacing ObamaCare

After two years, the fate of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (aka ObamaCare) is still gray and uncertain.  No matter what the Supreme Court does, this Schrödinger's cat will end up back in Congress's lap.  Whether ObamaCare is completely replaced or improved (for the next twenty years), there is still the pressing question: replace it with what? As was written two years ago and is still true, no committee in Congress has made any in-depth study to determine what is wrong with health care, or what might be done to fix it.  Even worse, while all the talk is about repeal-and-replace, very few are asking, "why replace?"  With the preliminary dictates and mandates of ObamaCare worsening the health care crisis, driving up insurance and provider costs while causing employers to drop insurance, perhaps we should consider that big government is the big problem with health care. While the single greatest symptom of the "health care...(Read Full Article)