President Obama: Gay Marriage Is Not a Black Thing!

It is becoming increasingly difficult to escape the left's in-your-face aggressive campaign to make homosexuality normal.  Flipping through the channels, I caught a lesbian scene (two women kissing) on the Lifetime channel.  The SyFy channel has a new series in which bisexual scenes involving the lead actress are a staple. For crying out loud, I cannot even get ideas to remodel my patio without homosexuality forced in my face on the Home and Garden channel.  A homosexual couple is featured on most, if not all of their series.  Given the tiny percentage of gays in the U.S. population, clearly Home and Garden network producers are pushing the gay agenda. And make no mistake about it, folks: the left is extremely cunning and aggressive in its quest to make homosexuality considered normal -- equal to heterosexuality.  Heck, the left believes that bisexuality is more enlightened than and superior to both. The left's indoctrination of our kids regarding...(Read Full Article)