Pandering without Profit

Two successive administrations now have sought to appease Muslims by minimizing the threat from Islamists.  Indeed, science has now been enlisted in that effort.  Early stimulus came from the White House. Hours after 9/11, a Republican president allowed a host of Saudi elites to flee the U.S. by chartered aircraft before the blood was dry at the World Trade Center.  Never mind that most of the Manhattan suicide martyrs were Saudis.  The political cue then was meant for domestic and foreign consumption; to wit, America would not hold passive aggressors, sponsor-nations, or Islamic propaganda accountable for the atrocities of "extremists." From the beginning, the majority of Muslims were anointed "moderates," on the authority of an asserted conclusion.  Concurrently, fellaheen danced in the streets of Arabia.  No matter; blame for the terror threat was still confined to specific non-government agents like al-Qaeda or the Taliban.  By fiat, Islamic...(Read Full Article)