On Texas, Energy, and Opportunity

Today we sit at a crossroads in both the economic future of the United States and the energy model that will fuel the world over the next century.  Texas is positioned to be one of the biggest winners in what promises to be a disruptive shift in the world's energy production and economic leadership.  Texas sits at the intersection of a past where energy was ostensibly cheap but expensive in ways few would acknowledge and a future where energy is no longer taken for granted. The price of a century of cheap oil The global energy mix of the past few decades has been based largely on fossil fuels, particularly oil sourced from some of the most hostile regions of the planet.  The negative implications of this have been numerous. Energy is vital to modern economies.  The remarkable ascendance of the U.S. in the decades since World War II would not have been possible without cheap, uninterrupted access to energy, and oil in particular.  Because of this, the U.S. has...(Read Full Article)