Okay, Make Bain the Poster Child

President Obama has ridiculed Bain Capital and Mitt Romney as job-destroying vultures.  He said, regarding Bain, that attacks are legitimate.  "This is what this campaign is going to be about."  Romney should welcome the discussion -- as long as he frames it, not Obama. First, what is Bain?  What is a private equity firm?  Essentially, it's a company that manages, invests its own money, or raises capital for an equity stake in another business or company.  Frequently the target companies of private equity firms are those with potential that are either in financial trouble or are stalemated in some fashion and needing a boost of capital to grow and become (more) profitable. So what did Bain do that was so bad?  It made Mitt Romney and his investors wealthy.  That's pretty much it.  Wow, how horrible. Democratic claims about effectively robbing acquired companies and firing employees are not only overblown, but false.  A fair hired/fired...(Read Full Article)