It has taken some time and work, but our president has invented a new language.  "Obamese" and "Barackish" aren't quite right, so let's call it "Obamish."   Obamish uses English, but it does so to confuse most listeners while really communicating with only a few.  Obamish is a language based on lies -- but, when it's effective, it's a language that establishes plausible deniability around the implementation of politically risky, far-left policies.  Obamish is an arrogant language, premised on a need-to-know custodial view of the governed.  Paul Kengor claims: Obama and Axelrod are geniuses at coming up with words and phrases that seem vague and benign to the larger population ... but which resonate with a hard left that understands the deeper meaning completely. The mainstream media is a critical partner in the successful use of Obamish.  With the media's collaboration, a "nothing to see here" veneer is applied to the Obama administration's...(Read Full Article)