Obama's Marriage Masquerade

This issue of marriage is not as simple as it seems on the surface.  It is not simply about allowing two people to have the same rights with respect to hospital visitation or property rights.  Marriage involves the role of the federal government and the states, the classification of rights with the U.S., and the rights of Americans to hold their own viewpoints. President Obama's views on marriage do not merely affect what he calls two people of the same sex who chose to remain in a committed relationship.  His views show a marked change in legal and constitutional theory that has tremendous implications. Prior to becoming president, Barack Obama repeatedly asserted that marriage was not a "civil right."  This goes back to his debate with Alan Keyes in 2004, in which he clearly and repeatedly asserted that marriage was not a civil right, but that property matters and hospital visitation were.  After becoming president, Obama compared the struggle for marriage...(Read Full Article)