Obama 2012: Stealing Bush's Legacy

Barack Obama is now campaigning on the capture and kill of Osama Bin Laden a year ago last Tuesday. Really? For years before he became President and then on the campaign trail in 2008, Obama railed against and denounced the very policies and procedures that ultimately led to the Bin Laden kill. The capture and kill of Osama bin Laden was ten years in the making. And during those years, Barack Obama excoriated George W. Bush for "enhanced interrogation techniques" and waterboarding three (!) top jihad killers. Thousands of lives were saved, but Obama cared more about Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's sore nose. Now he is taking credit for those very things? Whiplash. How about the SEALS who took out Bin Laden? Do they deserve any credit? Much is made of the fact that Obama okayed the kill. Do you mean to tell me he could have said no? Obama campaigning on the death of bin Laden shows us that he has nothing to campaign on. He catastrophic foreign policy failures are being whitewashed by a...(Read Full Article)