Note to President Romney: On Free Trade, Start with Brazil

If Mitt Romney defeats President Obama in November, it will be in great measure because he can articulate a coherent and compelling plan for rousing America from its economic malaise. Part of that plan will have to be returning to the formerly bipartisan idea of opening new markets for American exports -- that is, to speak bluntly, pursuing free trade.  George Bush, whatever his failings, was very strong on that issue.  Under Bush, more bilateral free trade agreements (FTAs) were enacted than under all previous administrations combined. But under Obama's administration, only three FTAs made it through (South Korea, Panama, and Colombia).  None were new -- all had been originally negotiated under Bush, and for two years, the Democrat-controlled Congress let them languish, with Obama's tacit approval.  Only with the Republicans regaining the House of Representatives and nearly retaking the Senate did Obama belatedly move to finally push the FTAs through. Obama,...(Read Full Article)