Mitt Flunks Education 101

The Romney campaign has been remarkably focused -- it's the economy, the economy, and then the economy.  At least until Wednesday, May 23, when Mitt veered off-mission to address America's educational woes.  The result is, at least in my expert opinion, a disaster, and in ways that exceed the usual campaign banalities.  Romney has offered up a dog's breakfast of doomed-to-fail, often airhead nostrums, and if the brainy Romney cannot get it right, perhaps no candidate can.  Worse, Romney's ill-fated foray suggests that since any frank discussion of education is impossible, the U.S. will just continue to waste billions, or even exacerbate an already bad situation. Let me catalogue Romney's seven "cures" and, briefly, why each will fail.  He begins by calling the gap between whites and minorities (assumed to be blacks and Hispanics) "the civil rights issue of our era."  This gap may, in fact, be a civil rights issue, but nobody, regardless of ideology, has...(Read Full Article)