Militant Nurses March for Something

Trade unionism of the clenched fist variety is a stretch for the feminine half of the population, but they do try on occasion.  Since nurses are overwhelmingly women and it would be clearly sexist to use the minority of male nurses to provide the clenched fists.  The woman have to do their best. National Nurses United is an association of American nurses' unions.  In Canada a similar organization is more directly called the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions. On May18, 2012 National Nurses United held a protest march and rally in Chicago as part of the generalized protests leading up to the NATO meeting.  Ostensibly the nurses were supporting the Robin Hood tax.  Robin Hood of course stole from the rich and supposedly gave to the poor.  The Robin Hood tax is a .05% tax on financial transactions that will supposedly raise $350 billion per year and greatly help the government's shortage of money for its many worthy projects.  The nurses wore Robin...(Read Full Article)