Memories of My Own on Memorial Day

Today, only a small number of Americans have known anyone personally who died fighting for our country, but I have.  My war was the Vietnam War, and I was a Vietnam wife, so I knew quite a few. My husband at the time did not die in Vietnam, although he certainly was keenly aware of the dangers ahead of him when he accepted his NROTC scholarship.  After he benefited from the Navy's largesse that put him through four years at Dartmouth College, he was obliged to return to the Navy the four years that they'd invested to send him there.  Very soon after graduation, our marriage, and officer's training school, he was sent to Vietnam.  He fought there as a Marine Corps captain and as a tank platoon commander for the requisite 13 months.  Seeing a lot of action and unconscious for one whole Christmas, he was awarded two Purple Hearts and a Silver Star and then came home.  There were many times afterwards that his tortured nightmares jolted us awake in the middle...(Read Full Article)