Meet Sergeant Rex

Everyone has heard of Rin Tin Tin, but Sergeant Rex is the real-life German Shepherd military dog.  By all accounts, he had a great reputation for being a superior working dog, whose duty was to patrol and detect explosives.  Two of his handlers talked to American Thinker about what makes Rex so special.  Mike Dowling wrote Sergeant Rex to honor him, and Megan Leavey never gave up her dream of being reunited with Rex after their retirement. Rex was born in Germany in 2001, and he came to America as a puppy to go through the military dog-training program.  Mike commented that Rex had all the qualities needed for a military working dog: "Stamina, loyalty, athleticism, intelligence, and a drive to work.  In fact, he was nicknamed 'Sexy Rexy' for his handsomeness, and 'T-Rex' for his aggressiveness when necessary." In March 2004, Corporal Mike Dowling and Rex were deployed to Iraq.  They were one of a dozen working dog teams sent to the frontlines since the...(Read Full Article)