Losing Egypt, Losing the Mid-East

While the world debates the threat of Iranian weapons and their  long-term effects on Israel and the Persian Gulf area, events may soon reach  a critical mass in the most central and important Arab country,  Egypt, in ways that endanger not only  Egyptian-Israeli ties, but also the entire fabric of stability in the oil-rich Mid-East. Iran, though large and important, makes for both the geographical and religious fringe of the Mid-East.  Egypt, meanwhile, lies at the heart of the Mid-East and symbolizes the region's dominant Sunni Arab community. Recently, Israel warned all its citizens vacationing in the Sinai Desert to evacuate the area immediately because of an influx of armed Libyan extremists bent on killing Israelis. "The whole area is becoming a kind of 'Wild West' with all kinds of groups," declared Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a radio interview. A few days earlier, Israel's Shin Bet security agency confirmed that two of the rockets used...(Read Full Article)