Lisa Jackson Must Go

As a result of his outrageous comments over "crucifying" oil and gas companies, Al Armendariz has resigned his post as regional director of the Environmental Protection Agency.  Now it's time for his boss, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, to accept responsibility as well. Armendariz's comments at a Dish, Texas meeting in 2010, where he spoke of "making an example" of oil and gas producers by treating them with the same rough justice the Romans applied in conquered territories, were released by the office of Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma, one of the states regulated by Armendariz's regional office. Armendariz's comments, however, are not just an indication of the immaturity and bad judgment of one high-ranking official at the EPA.  They reflect a tyrannical and authoritarian mindset that permeates the agency.  For a regional director of the EPA to speak as Armendariz did, stating that he intended to round up a number of respected American business leaders and crucify...(Read Full Article)