Liberals Ruin Everything

When friends suggest that the election in November will be close, I half-agree, with a twinkle.  Because I don't think it will be close.  That's because this lot, as the Brits say, don't have it sorted -- unlike Bill Clinton in the 1990s, who knew how to seduce the middle class.  It's a point of pride among urban liberals around the president not to understand the ordinary American.  It's been this way ever since John Kenneth Galbraith's bestsellers like The Affluent Society taught liberals how to sneer at the ordinary middle class rather than understand it. Of course, you can be a governing elite and be wrong about everything and still not wreck everything.  That's because, as Adam Smith said, there is always a great deal of ruin in a nation, even at the best of times.  But when a political dynasty has been getting things wrong for the best part of a century, then the ruin can get to be pretty serious.  And that is what is agitating the average...(Read Full Article)