Lacking Facts and Logic, Democrats Manipulate Emotions

Let us start with a simple premise: It is one thing to emote to an ideology, yet it is quite another to live out its reality.  Generally, liberals tend to rely upon emotion to push their agenda, while conservatives tend to rely more on pragmatism.  Raising the minimum wage to theoretically provide a "living wage" to the poor sounds good, but the reality has generally been higher unemployment of the lower-wage-earners. A prime example is California.  For many years, California governance has been based upon utopian liberal concepts to the point of going beyond emotion almost to the point of fanaticism.  Higher taxes and more and more regulations have had a devastating effect on California's economy.  Businesses and wealth understandably have been fleeing the state.  In January, Governor Brown estimated that the state's deficit would be $9.2 billion, but on May 21, 2012, he said instead that it would be $15.7 billion.  Last week, the independent...(Read Full Article)