Israel: Stand United, Stand Strong

The Jerusalem Post, Israel's right-of-center news outlet, held its first conference on Sunday, April 29, in New York City.  As for the panelists, the animosity between the members of Israel's former left-of-center government and the present members of Netanyahu's right-of-center government was intense. The day-long conference brought together a long list of impressive Israeli government and diplomatic officials and military officials and featured some of the newspaper's best editors and journalists, along with Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz.  JPost's intentional mix of politically polarized opinions was obviously intended to balance the points of view in speeches and panel discussions and to make for energetic debates. Instead, the audience of about 1,200 guests, who also represented polarized sides of American Jewish politics, were subject to opening remarks by former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert that set an early tone for the whole conference...the airing of some of...(Read Full Article)