Iran Says New Cyber Warfare Is Attack on Economy

Iran is blaming the U.S., U.K. and Israel for the new cyber attack that struck the Internet and communications systems of its Oil Ministry and national oil company, Iranian media has announced. The Islamic regime says the West is not only going after its nuclear facilities, now it's going after its economy. The regime said it immediately disconnected all Internet systems at its main oil export terminal at Kharq Island. Iranian officials last November acknowledged that a second computer virus, named Duqu and labeled "Son of Stuxnet," had spread to Iranian nuclear sites and other facilities. Duqu uses much of the same codes as the 2010 Stuxnet, but instead of destroying the system it affects, it penetrates the system and creates "back door" vulnerabilities that can destroy the networks at the command of its creators at a chosen time. The Stuxnet virus, which originally infected Iranian nuclear facilities, interrupted both the Natanz enrichment facility, where over 1,000 centrifuges were...(Read Full Article)