Hoarding Tax Dollars

California is headed for the fiscal cliff even sooner than was expected, as the budget deficit has suddenly grown from a projected $9.2 billion to $16 billion.  Governor Brown, who helped put California on its current unsustainable path during a prior term as governor, wants to raise taxes even higher, which will further cripple the economy of this already over-taxed state. Of course, Brown and the Democrat-controlled legislature can't find any legitimate areas where spending could be cut and instead threaten to slash spending for schools and public safety.  This is akin to an alcoholic who, when confronted with a lower income, claims he can no longer feed his children while pushing a shopping cart full of booze toward the cash register. I'm an electrical contractor in California, and if the level of construction activity is indicative of the health of an economy, this state is on its deathbed.  I recently gained not only a tiny glimpse of the true state of the economy,...(Read Full Article)