Happy Days Are Here Again

Those words are reminiscent of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's campaign in 1932 when he defeated Herbert Hoover, symbolizing a putative end to the Great Depression.  The tune gave hope to Americans who had suffered greatly after the Crash of 1929 and were still suffering, but promises, promises, promises can work magic to the soul. Politicians are good at making promises that don't quite pan out.  It happened in 2008, and now we're hearing the same tune again -- but from a different candidate, Mitt Romney, who's promising to save America from the path it's been on for the past nearly four years.  This candidate actually has experience and a record of success. The mainstream press has been predicting the inevitability of a second term for the president, and until recently, many Americans have been depressed at that possibility.  But now they're thinking that the inevitability will be a Romney presidency as eyes are being forced open by the truth. There has been...(Read Full Article)