Fun & Games with Mainstream Media Numbers

Leave it our friends in the Mainstream Media to find ways of publishing accurate numbers to create fake stories.  It's the other side of Dan Rather's fake-but-accurate coin.  A guy could stay busy simply fact-checking the fact-checkers.  In today's exercise, I look at three specific "news" articles published in recent days. We're killing innocent men!  I'll start with a story from CBS News, headlined "Study: 2,000 convicted then exonerated in 23 years."  In case you have any doubt about whose agenda that might help, know that it was picked up and expounded upon in the Communist Party USA's People's World, under the headline "Thousands Wrongly Convicted." There is actually nothing wrong with this AP article, factually, at least as far as I know.  The numbers are "873 exonerations" plus "nearly 1,200 other exonerations" per the story.  That totals up to "nearly" 2,073 exonerations "in the United States in the past 23 years." Now let me give you the...(Read Full Article)