French elections: Virtue, the Debt, and the Jewish Question

The French presidential elections, initially presented by pollsters and commentators as a pushover for the Socialist contender Fran├žois Hollande, turns out to be a cliff-hanger.[i] The best comparison with the United States might well be the 1948 Dewey- Truman match. On the eve of the final round, pollsters admit that the gap between the two candidates is gradually narrowing. My prediction is a photo finish, with less than one point of difference. This is the most important presidential election in France since the end of World War 2. The outcome is not only crucial for France but for the free world. I think this is the most clear cut opportunity for a European nation to stand up and confront the wave of conquest unleashed in 1973. There has been some speculation about how this would happen: mass incarceration and deportation of Muslims, civil war, craven surrender...  Now, in the European country with the largest Muslim population, the question is going to be treated...(Read Full Article)