For Obama, Gay Is Green

Joseph Curl's analysis in Sunday's Washington Times on Barack Obama's gay marriage flip-flop nicely sums up the president's motive.  Actually, the headline sums it up: "Team Obama panics, and it's only May." That's right.  President Barack Obama -- that Everest of integrity -- and his paid hacks are in full panic mode.  As Curl observes, it's mid-May, and the president is focusing on shoring up what should be a base constituency -- gays. Previously, Mr. Obama was trying to drive wedges between the GOP and women, Hispanics, and young voters to shore up support from these cohorts.  A president up for re-election with a solid track record to run on isn't going after his own voters this late in the game.  Team Obama is in big trouble.  Mr. Obama is pandering to gays with his marriage switcheroo for two reasons: 1) money; 2) onground support.  Gays aren't a large cohort in the U.S., despite misconceptions and propaganda.  For years, it was in wide...(Read Full Article)