Fingering Zimmerman: Payback for the Sanford Police?

The shooting of Trayvon Martin went viral after Tracy Martin, Travyon's father, approached civil rights lawyer Benjamin Crump, who in turn enlisted the Orlando publicist Ryan Julison. But why did Martin senior contact the lawyer?  Had he been told simply that his son had attacked a man who turned out to be armed, he might not have pursued the case.  But he had been led to believe that manslaughter charges were about to be filed against the shooter.  When this didn't happen, he naturally felt aggrieved, and sought "justice for Trayvon."© It was lead investigator Chris Serino who gave Martin the impression that charges were imminent.  The story of what Martin was told comes from Martin himself.  Serino has never spoken with the media.  Martin's recollection seems credible, though he was less than candid about his son's suspension, telling the press that it was because Trayvon had been in an unauthorized area.  His son had been...(Read Full Article)