Education Decline, One Step at a Time

Some time ago, I joined the National Council for the Social Studies, the NCSS.  I've since had that membership canceled -- I suspect because they read some of my pieces and realize I'm neither a social studies teacher nor a groupie.  However, thanks to that fleeting association, I remain on several NCSS e-mailing lists, and every so often something very interesting drops into my laptop. The occasion was that the New York State Board of Regents (the body which oversees public school curricula) had scheduled discussion on "Alternative Pathways To Graduation."  "Alternative to what?" one might in innocence ask -- "learning something?"  But let's not get ahead of ourselves.  What the e-mail intended to do was encourage members of the NCSS to contact the Board of Regents and let them hear "SMART ARGUMENTS to make it clear the concerns we have about the FUTURE OF NEW YORK STUDENTS and the FUTURE OF NEW YORK STATE EDUCATION." It went on to suggest that those "SMART"...(Read Full Article)