Defeat Obama: The Power Of One Patriot!

I am traveling on Tea Party Express VI national bus tour.  During one of the long rides between cities/rallies, I watched a very disturbing and enlightening documentary titled AGENDA: Grinding America Down.  Folks, it scared the you-know-what out of me.  The movie superbly chronicles how the Marxist, Socialist, and Communist have been systematically orchestrating the destruction of America "from within" for many, many years. I have been writing about all the things the left has been doing for years: dumbing down and indoctrinating our kids, banning God from the public square, attacking Christianity, pushing to make homosexuality normal, and getting as many Americans as possible hooked on government for survival.  AGENDA (the movie) reveals that all of the culture rot and attacks on our freedoms I have been noticing over the years are part of a well-conceived master plan to take down America. Yes, we who love God and country are still a majority.  However,...(Read Full Article)