Deception Fatigue

Over the past three years, President Obama has demonstrated his willingness to lie about anything and everything if it leads to the acquisition and retention of maximum power for himself and his cohorts.  Obama follows a pattern of overloading the system with deception, making responses to every individual distortion impractical or outright impossible.  While Obama's opponents spend their precious time addressing each new lie, Obama keeps the focus off the end-zone, and seizures of power previously unthinkable are accomplished.  At some point, citizens grow weary of hearing that their leaders are out for their ill, that political policies are nothing more than grand deceptions.  Who wants to believe that his president is a serial liar that seeks to impose full Socialism on the land of the free?  Some truths are too big to contemplate -- an observation that would lead one of the world's most successful propagandists to write: It would never come into their...(Read Full Article)