'Death with Dignity' on the Massachusetts Ballot

A group called Death with Dignity is collecting signatures for a ballot proposal that would make Massachusetts the fourth U.S. state, following Washington, Oregon, and Montana, to legalize assisted suicide. The Boston Globe published a balanced cover story about the subject in its Sunday Magazine last weekend -- what Rush might call a random act of journalism.  Reporter Scott Helman points out that despite its secular culture, "New England has proved to be inhospitable territory for efforts to legalize assisted suicide."  A ballot initiative in Maine failed in 2000, and efforts have stalled in the legislatures of Vermont, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.  Although Massachusetts is a "socially progressive, prominent East Coast state," nearly half of the population is Catholic, and church leaders and many prominent physicians have begun a campaign to defeat the ballot proposal. The Globe article summarizes arguments against "physician assisted dying" (as its supporters...(Read Full Article)