Cuba Abandoning Its Persecution of Gays?

Last week at American Thinker, I posted an article on Obama's position on "gay marriage," which I considered in light of the Marxist/communist position against traditional marriage.  I noted that the current president of the United States now possesses the most radical/non-traditional view of marriage and the family of any president in the 200-plus-year history of this republic, and that this radical non-traditionalism is fully consistent with the Marxist/communist worldview.  I quoted Karl Marx on the "abolition of the family" and underscored the anti-family actions of communists historically and worldwide, from the Bolsheviks in Russia to Communist Party USA (CPUSA) to communist nations generally.  Among those communist nations is Cuba. Notably, I allowed for exceptions to the Marxist/communist assault on the institution of marriage: as I said, the Russians certainly were not stumping for gay marriage.  Joe Stalin was no gay-rights crusader.  Neither was...(Read Full Article)