Chris Christie's ObamaCare Acquiescence

New Jersey is on the cusp of taking its biggest leap towards planting the roots of ObamaCare in the Garden State.  Last March, the state legislature passed a bill that would establish the law's bureaucratic health care exchanges, and now time is running out to stop it.  If Gov. Christie does not veto the New Jersey Health Exchange Act by May 10, ObamaCare will become entrenched in New Jersey as state law. Since taking office in January of 2010, Governor Chris Christie has established a persona as a no-nonsense straight talker, confronting liberal reporters, smacking down government union workers, or openly engaging in wars of words with Democratic legislators.  The bluster and bravado have made the governor a YouTube sensation and the right's version of Barack Obama, a celebrity-style political "rock star."  Unfortunately, the governor tends to offer far more sizzle than steak, and his credentials as a movement conservative are few. Many conservatives in New Jersey...(Read Full Article)