Choose Your Poison!

Personal medicine or population medicine: which will it be for you? Personal medicine starts with you and your doctor discussing what is the best care for you.  After considering long-term medical effects as well as financial costs, you and your provider decide what to do. Population medicine means that some panel, committee, or group determines what it consider cost-effective for a population.  That could be an insurance company or a government agency.  Medical care that is deemed  "cost-effective" is authorized and therefore available for use. Medical care adjudged not cost-effective for the population is...well, not: not authorized, not paid for, and therefore not available for use in patients (other than some who might be connected enough to get waivers).  This is what is known as practicing medicine for the mean, the middle, or the system.  Others call it rationing. Population medicine is health care practiced by bureaucrats and administrators,...(Read Full Article)