Catholic Lawsuits and the Establishment Clause

The other shoe has officially dropped.  Forty-three Catholic plaintiffs have brought twelve lawsuits charging that the ObamaCare abortion pill mandate violates their free exercise rights.  So perhaps it's time to have some fun with the issues that have been put in play. For starters, there's the delicious irony of outfits like Notre Dame getting kicked to the curb as their reward for playing ideological footsie with a president who reeks of liberation theology.  Obama's phony offer to let the Catholics off the hook only compounds the irony: health plan providers who took the individual mandate bait are now being strong-armed into offering contraception and abortion coverage "for free."  That's a transparent scam because contraceptives and abortions will still be covered in violation of Catholic doctrine, and the cost will be passed through to the Catholics.  But the real humdinger is Health and Human Services' claim that we can trust power-crazed bureaucrats...(Read Full Article)