Biden Ain't Nothing But a Hound Dog

I find the suggestion that Obama will pick a new Veep in the 2012 election and rid himself of Joe "Gaffe" Biden to be borderline delusional. That such talk has appeared in American Thinker perplexes me all the more. Granted, the Obama administration must surely see Biden as a true albatross. From his praise in 2007 of Candidate Obama's cleanliness (can you imagine the outrage the MSM would have feigned had a Republican described him as "articulate and bright and clean"?), to his open-microphone F-bomb exuberance on the signing of the Obamacare law), to his recent dopey comments on his President's stance on gay marriage, he has been a perpetual source of embarrassment. Still, Obama will never rid himself of Biden, however undeniable Biden's penchant for stuffing his foot into his mouth. The reason is that as great a fool as is Biden, Obama is a greater one. American Thinker, I thought we were clear on this:  Obama's greatest albatross is his ego. Joe Biden was a gaffe machine well...(Read Full Article)