Barrett and the Ho-Chunks

"There are two important things in politics. Money and I can't remember the second thing." -Sen. Mark Hanna (1837-1903) If Wisconsin voters think Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is the kind of guy who fights on behalf of the poor against the rich, they need to wise up.  The man who carries Democrats' hopes to unseat Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in the June 5 recall election took sides with wealthy Indian tribes who successfully sought to freeze out competition for their casinos.  The poor tribes who wanted a way out of poverty are still poor.  And a business that employed 200 people has shuttered.  Barrett's side won.  That's just the kind of guy union bosses like to deal with, too. Milwaukee Mayor Thomas M. Barrett, 59, is counting on his Big Union pals and their tantrum-throwing public employee locals, mainly teachers, to roll back the state budgetary reforms of that dastardly Republican governor the people of Wisconsin elected in 2010 and his party's new...(Read Full Article)