Barack Obama in the Twelve-Step Program

If Barack Obama and the liberal left entered Alcoholics Anonymous because they had a drinking problem, they'd have zero chance of getting sober.  They would progress through the early and middle stages of alcoholism, suffering from blackouts, personality disintegration, and withdrawal.  After continued denial that their own behavior and decisions were affecting the quality and manageability of their lives, they would enter the late stages of the disease, develop full-blown medical complications, and drop dead. The New York Times would write a front-page story blaming the Republicans for the tragedy, detailing how corporate greed removed the safety net that would have eventually gotten everyone sober.  Warren Buffett would chime in about the super-rich not paying enough taxes and how this adversely affected the government-run social programs established to treat people with addictions.  True recovering alcoholics, of course, understand that money has little to do...(Read Full Article)