Afghanistan: America's Willful Deception

The battlefield is as fluid as diplomatic efforts to shape the outcome are convoluted.  While diplomacy during peacetime can be described as the efforts between two national representatives to overcome obstacles to a good, healthy, and mutually productive relationship, diplomacy during hostilities cannot.  "Diplomatic efforts" during an ongoing conflict are at best an oxymoron.  The failure of two parties to work out problems with one another is what leads to war, and if war is the ultimate outcome of a failure of diplomacy, then it stands to reason that the successful outcome of the war can be defined only when one warring nation capitulates to the battlefield prowess of the other. Our current struggles in Afghanistan have been defined and redefined so many times that it is little wonder that civilian support here in the United States for the effort has waned.  What is truly amazing is that the level of morale in the ranks of our war-fighting community has...(Read Full Article)