A Nation of Sorry Apologists

"I'm sorry" is one of the sorrier terms in the English language.  "I'm sorry" is repellent.  When uttered, the natural reaction is to flinch away from the one whose lips it passes.  If you want to show the world the degree to which you are a recreant, a subaltern, a prevaricator, a narcissist, the frequency and amplitude with which you use "I'm sorry" will do it. "I'm sorry" is appropriate in the most limited circumstances, and mostly those that involve no forethought.  Such circumstances should always be accompanied by an offer of restitution.  You reach across the table and tip over a glass: "I'm sorry.  Let me clean up and recharge your drink."  You mess up the numbers in a financial report.  "I'm sorry.  Let me change that number and recalculate the total."  You back your car into another car in a parking lot.  "I'm sorry.  Let me pay for the damage."  Outside those and other similar accidental incidences, you'll be...(Read Full Article)