Wilders Agonistes

A review-essay on Marked for Death: Islam's War Against the West and Me by Geert Wilders,  Regnery Publishing, May 1, 2012, 256 pp. *** PART I The Amsterdam Rijksmuseum's current exhibit "Ottomania" punctuates ongoing commemorations marking four hundred years of Dutch-Turkish relations.  With depressing predictability, the Turkish media erupted in fury over a 1683 print on display which celebrates the defeat of the Ottoman jihad campaign against Vienna.  Consistent with disparaging images commonplace in that late 17th-century era, the print depicts Mehmed IV, the Ottoman sultan (r. 1648-1687), lying forlorn in bed following the humiliating defeat of his grand vizier Merzifonlu Kara Mustafa Pasha at Vienna.  A salient detail of the print shows the royal bedside commode adjacent to a Koran, placed, ostensibly, for use as toilet paper. Shortly afterward, during his recent visit to the Netherlands as part of the same commemorations,  Turkish President Abdullah Gul...(Read Full Article)