What's Iran Up To? 'We Know,' Says Netanyahu

It was just a short clip on CNN.  Reporter Erin Burnett recited some statistics that suggest Iran's oil tankers are all tied up, that the Islamic Republic's oil revenues have been hard hit.  Economic sanctions have been tightened on the mullahs' tyrannical regime by the U.N., the European Union, and the U.S. "It appears the sanctions are working," said Burnett.  She challenged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's assessment of Iran's headlong drive to build a nuclear weapon. "How do you know what [the Iranians] are doing?" she asks, hoping perhaps to see the prime minister flustered.  Maybe he will stumble.  Or he may be reduced to wringing his hands -- as our own State Department spokespeople seem to do every day on TV. Netanyahu looks steadily at his interlocutor.  He doesn't waver.  His baritone voice conveys finality: "We know," he says.  "We know, and others know.  And we share what we know with others." The CNN reporter is just the...(Read Full Article)