Was BP's Kurt Mix a Criminal or a Hero?

The FBI has arrested a former BP drilling and completions project engineer, Kurt Mix.  This happened on the eve of the hearing to obtain preliminary approval of the civil settlement between BP and the Plaintiff's Steering Committee for damages due to the Deepwater Horizon accident.  (According to the FBI, Mix resigned from BP in January 2012.) The complaint asserts that he "deleted his entire string of over 200 texts with SUPERVISOR" on his iPhone, after having already met with a government VENDOR "who retrieved some of MIX'S relevant hardcopy documents."  The legal issue at hand is whether "BP plc and/or individuals employed by BP violated any federal criminal laws by intentionally understating the amount of oil that was flowing from the Macondo well following the Macondo April 20, 2010 explosions."  There are references to the Securities and Exchange Commission, so in effect the government is investigating whether there was illegal stock-manipulation by BP...(Read Full Article)