Time for Univision and Telemundo to Man Up

Univision's interview with U.S. President Barack Obama last week was supremely disappointing.   In fact, I personally have spoken with several Hispanics who felt that Univision did not challenge President Obama's rather outrageous answers.  As they say, the network gave him one "free pass" after another. Why is it important that Hispanos have reporters who act like journalists rather than people who get "a tingle up their leg" when they sit next to Obama? The answer is simple.  We have a large segment of the Hispanic population that gets its news from one of the two Spanish-speaking networks.  Therefore, these networks have a tremendous responsibility to respectfully ask and challenge elected officials. I would like to submit these sample questions and some follow-ups to the reporters for the next time that they sit down with Obama: 1) Mr. President: why didn't you send an immigration proposal to Congress?  You had 60 votes in the U.S. Senate and a...(Read Full Article)