The Tim Tebow of the Army

On April 22, a touching ceremony was held at Arlington Cemetery for Major General Orde Wingate.  Though a British Army officer, he was buried at Arlington in 1950. Orde Wingate was the Tim Tebow of the British, American, and future Israeli armies.  Why?  Because like Tim Tebow, he was a devout Christian who found his inspiration in the Bible, and like Tim Tebow he was able to innovate and find ways to succeed even when he lacked equipment and mass. Wingate got many of his ideas from the Bible, and he applied them in Ethiopia, where he was sent to confront Italian forces occupying the country.  Wingate formed what we would call a "special force" consisting of British, Sudanese, and Ethiopian troops, to which were added Palestinian (later Israeli) Haganah SNS units.  The group's size was, at its largest, some 1,700 men -- but it succeeded in forcing the surrender of over 20,000 Italian front-line troops, largely by deceiving the Italian Expeditionary Force on...(Read Full Article)