The 'Islamic Art' Hoax

Talking about Islamic art is rather like talking about the art of the Khanates.  The Imperial Kingdom of Genghis Khan was the largest contiguous empire on earth.  But just because different lands and cultures were conquered by Genghis Khan doesn't mean that there is a significance to grouping their art.  The sphere of power of the Muslim Empire stretched from the borders of China and the Indian subcontinent across Central Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, Sicily, and the Iberian Peninsula, and on to the Pyrenees.  There needs to be a further rationale for calling art collections from lands conquered or subdued by the forces of Islam "Islamic Art." Then why all the impetus, which started in earnest some almost a decade ago, for all the "Islamic Art" openings at prestigious museums, from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to the Victoria and Albert Museum in England?  The creation of departments of Islamic art at prestigious universities and museums?  The...(Read Full Article)