The Answer Really Isn't Blowing in the Wind

Ninety billion is a rather large number.  To get a gauge of just how large, consider that 90 billion minutes ago equates to roughly 171,090 years, the moment in history when scientists believe our ancestors began preening their bodies of lice. Three hundred thousand kilometers per second is the speed of light.  We all know that's pretty fast.  Well, 90 billion kilometers per second is the speed of light-squared. And the vast, seemingly infinite yonder of the entire universe, some scientists postulate, is 90 billion light-years across. In the natural world, 90 billion goes a long way.  But as we've discovered, a $90-billion investment to subsidize renewable energy sources in the natural world does surprisingly little.  This amount, allocated in 2009's American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to subsidize green energy initiatives, has thus far yielded today's bustling "renewable-energy sector" that employs roughly 140,000 Americans.  And even that dismal...(Read Full Article)