Tea Party Battles GOP Establishment in Texas Senate Race

Here is how it works: a federal agency reinterprets its job to encompass whole new areas of the economy.  For example, the EPA says that the Clean Air Act allows it to create a whole new cap-and-trade system, or to outlaw the lead in bullets.  Never mind that such ideas weren't even hinted at in the Clean Air Act or in any of the laws that created the EPA. Or the Fish and Wildlife Service decides that a lizard that lives in an area that perfectly matches the Texas Permian Basin oil fields is endangered, thus turning the west Texas oil business into paperwork chaos.  Or the Department of Health and Human Services mandates that some Catholic hospitals have to begin dispensing contraceptives or abortion pills.  Or the National Labor Relations Board decides to sue if a company moves its manufacturing plant to a location the NLRB doesn't like. At that point, any Republican office-holder who gets elected, hoping to be there and vote against stuff like this when it...(Read Full Article)