State Department's Blind Eye to Boko Haram Terrorists

Don't worry.  Boko Haram is not really a terrorist organization, says the State Department. But according to the Adam Nossiter of the NYT (12/25/11), Boko Haram was responsible for a series of Christmas Day church bombings which killed at least 25 people and "rocked Nigeria on Sunday in what appeared to be a coordinated assault by a radical Islamist sect with suspected training links to Al Qaeda[.]" Writing again in February (2/26/12), Adam Nossiter reported that Boko Haram had killed as many as 300 in northern Nigeria in January in just a few hours of coordinated attacks.  He further states that "the group's lethality is undeniable" and that it was "the group's deadliest and most organized assault yet after two years of attacks across northern Nigeria." But not to worry.  According to the Obama State Department, Boko Haram isn't really a terrorist organization.  Johnnie Carson, assistant secretary of state for African affairs, testified at subcommittee hearings...(Read Full Article)