Sexing the Dead

Latest (and possibly the one most likely to raise eyebrows of a permanently cynicized public) outrage to hit the news world is that Egyptian authorities are reportedly giving the nod to their...upright...citizenry to have sex with their dead wives "for the first six hours" without it being forbidden or a problem for the cultically Observant.  We can observe that, as with fish, fresh is best.  After the wife has lain on the floor or divan for 7, 8, 10 hours, she is just not so appealing a sex object as she was when she was newly stricken, stroked, decapitated, or cardiac-arrested for whatever reason. Early random thought: clearly, when such a process of postmortem frolick (PMF) -- or hoisting the djellabiya for last-minute gropes and kinky funk -- has gone on, vital organs begin to deteriorate and are progressively less viable than had they been whisked to a portable organ ice-chest and EMSed to the nearest clinic and/or hospital to contribute to the healthy prolongation of...(Read Full Article)