Sex, Lies, and School Bus Rides

The furor over the ObamaCare abortion pill mandate may be obscuring a very important point: nothing about the mandate itself, Obama's "compromise" with church-affiliated employers, the Sandra Fluke dustup, or the crass political calculation driving them is new.  Not even the shameless bigotry of Democratic officeholders' assaults on the bishops for daring to stand their ground. Given the left's war against religion over the last 60 years there was absolutely no reason for anyone to be surprised by Obama's political opportunism.  The unvarnished, ugly truth is that the judiciary's assault on religion has often had little to do with the principled protection of First Amendment rights.  It's just identity politics in robes.  For progressive Supreme Court justices, principle is little more than an excuse to subvert the Constitution's negative rights in the name of social justice and centralized political power. So, why did conservatives seem shocked that a progressive...(Read Full Article)