Scapegoating Our Soldiers in Iraq

The case of Lt. Michael Behenna has all the intrigue and suspense of a Brian Haig political thriller, with the main character a JAG defense attorney.  Unfortunately, this is not a novel, but instead a true story of injustice.  According to those interviewed and documents viewed by American Thinker, Lt. Michael Behenna was set up for failure by a series of events and people. On April 21, 2008 while returning from a patrol, a vehicle in Lt. Behenna's platoon triggered an IED.  Those killed included the platoon interpreter, a local citizen, and Army specialists, including a good friend of the lieutenant who was literally cut in half.  Ali Mansur was later identified as an al-Qaeda operative and as one of those responsible for the attack.  Fourteen days later, while searching Mansur's house, Behenna took Mansur into custody and turned him over to Army Intelligence for interrogation.  At no time did Behenna harm the terrorist responsible for this horrific...(Read Full Article)